About Us


Our vision is 'teaching to make a difference'. We strive to make a significant difference in the lives of individuals. We also leave no stone unturned to explore developing skills of the student to be a future leader. We want leaders who are truly committed to making a difference. Our vision is to function as a premiere organization of management education.

Student Ship would accommodate the distinctive needs of all genres of students by continually developing new ways to improve programs and educational delivery systems using the latest technologies for the promotion of management education in India. Our vision is also to provide quality, career focused education and world class specializations, providing the bridge to a global society. Also to impart vibrant, innovative and global education and to make our institution a leader in terms of excellence in education, research and to serve the nation.

In order to help deliver this vision, we would encourage and support the development of future managers, raise the level of competence, initiate, develop, evaluate and disseminate management thinking, tools, techniques and practices, Influence employers, policy makers and opinion formers on management issues, offer high quality, accessible programs and services and provide innovative applied learning & research opportunities.


Our mission is twofold: training the global leaders of tomorrow, and taking an active part in the production of knowledge on management.

What makes our institution unique is its conviction shared by the Student ships' Community: knowledge determines the freedom and entrepreneurship required for a better world. This conviction is affirmed with our motto “The more you know, the more you dare”.

This mission is based on two pillars: a) academic environment and b) close connections to the corporate world. The combination of high quality education, underlying the pedagogical innovation at our institution, and close corporate connections, gives the Student Ships' community the necessary tools and background to challenge established rules and to invent the new social and economic paradigms of tomorrow’s world, rather than simply reproduce them.